Urbanisation in China: Challenges and the Way Ahead

Urbanisation in China is taking place at an unprecedented level and is set to continue over the next decade. This is likely to present many challenges not just for policy makers but for the economy and society as well. Read more:


China’s Monetary Dilemma: The Case for Revaluation of the Renminbi

Increasingly, the Chinese are realising that keeping their currency undervalued is not a viable option. The end game as far as the exchange rate management in China. Read more

BRIC In the New World Order – Perspectives from Brazil, China, India and Russia

Nandan Unnikrishnan and Samir Saran
Date published: September 10, 2010

The BRIC countries are today an increasingly cohesive group of nations with a common vision and shared commitment to collaborate and shape a more equitable and prosperous world order. All four nations are leading economies, large markets and emerging knowledge creators; their interactions within the grouping and with other nations hold promise for their own people and for other developing countries.

This Edited Volume, the outcome of an event hosted by Observer Research Foundation, assesses the potential for cooperation between the BRIC countries on finance, energy, trade, technology and multi-lateral pluralism.